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We’re a popular Mobile Bike Repair Shop in Tampa Florida. We’re known around town for our warm and friendly neighborhood atmosphere, our meticulous and detailed repairs, and commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We'll come to  your locations and return your damaged bike and let our team of professional repair technicians return them to their former glory.

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For more information about additional benefits provided by Teked Mobile Bike Services, get in touch.

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Professional Assistance

What We Do For Our Customers

We strive to maintain a high level of professionalism in all we do. To make our customers’ lives even easier, we offer Professional Assistance. With all the extra perks we provide, it’s no surprise our customers keep bringing more items into the shop for us to service and repair. Do you have a question about this extra benefit? Get in contact with us today.

Repair Consultations

For Your Convenience

Driven by quality, we’ve been at it long enough to know how important it is to provide top notch work and real customer service. We’re there for customers whenever they need us. When you require help or guidance on which type of repair you need, trust the real pros. Come by our Bike Repair Shop today.

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Mobile Services

You’re Our Priority

For a better customer experience, consider bringing your items into our repair shop. At Teked Mobile Bike Services, we’re invested in staying ahead of the competition, which means providing Free Deliveries along with many other special services. Next time your items are in need of fixing, come to Teked Mobile Bike Services and feel the difference.

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What We Do For Our Customers

Our company was born out of the community’s need for a safe and interactive platform for questions and answers. Every day, you’ll find new topics and posts, woven into one giant network of information. We promote transparent and respectful discussions which keeps our members coming back. Take a look at the latest Q&As and let us know if you have any questions.

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About Us

Since 2016, Teked Mobile Bike Services has become a well-known Bike Repair Shop in San Francisco. What started out as a hobby has now become our passion and we're delighted to share it with you. We offer quality repairs at affordable prices. Our intense passion for fixing what’s broken has brought us to the forefront of the repair industry, and our impeccable results have kept us there.

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